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September 3rd, 2015 by Eric

2015 Fall BBQ* with Michael Parks: Did we mention you should go?

We’re nearly a week away!!

With that extended introduction out of the way, we proceed immediately to business-at-hand:

Given we are the “downtown” pipe club we should have figured many of you don’t have cars. (Why? Don’t need ’em. Am I right?) So we are helpfully offering a shuttle service** from the Oshawa*** Go Station to the event. If you need a ride, please email to let us know so we can plan appropriately. You would be expected to aim to arrive at the station for 9:30am.

We have added the option to purchase tickets at the door for 10 bucks****.
 This for those of you too lazy and/or paranoid to pay online. You can select this “pay at the door” option when you “purchase” your tickets. (You can even just show up without telling us, but we reserve the right to put you at the end of the food line. It just wouldn’t be fair to the people who spent the six seconds to click on the link above and enter their name and email.*****)

In case you have forgotten: the event is Saturday, September 12th, runs from 10am until 4pm, and is jointly hosted by the DTPC and Lakeshore Smokestacks.

There is a litany of events, contests and sponsors. If you are attending (or planning to), please take a look at our special page. No, really. Look at our special page!

* There will be no actual “BBQ” food. But at least one (rusty) grill will be on display for good measure.
** Service provided by whoever among us draws the short straw.
*** I think they make cars there.
**** That’s right. Save an 30 cents by buying in advance! No. Thank you.
***** We love you anyway.

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