Downtown Toronto Pipe Club

September 14th, 2015 by Eric

2nd Annual BBQ Recap

Despite the fact that the temperature dropped nearly 25 degrees in only a few days (not to mention the wind and rain), nearly 40 people showed up for a most excellent day filled with pipe smoking activities! Thanks to our generous sponsors, everyone walked away with a least a tin of tobacco or a pipe.

Evan, Gio and Mike were a real hit as they gave an informal and very interactive workshop on the craft and art of pipe making.

We had 7 really excellent and interesting entries to our “Canadian” contest, and Nick ended the slow-smoke contest with his 35 minute win. (A certain DTPC prez. fizzled out in less than half that time. For shame.)

Thanks to everyone who came out — it was a pleasure to host the event and see everyone! It was especially rewarding partnering again with the Lakeshore Smokestacks and Mike Parks who worked hard on logistics and garnering such amazing support from the sponsors!

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