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May 11th, 2015 by Eric

Spring Opener

I’m pleased to say that it’s finally time for our Spring Opener! (Sorry for the radio silence up until now; I was out of the country for the second half of April.) It will be on Wednesday, May 20th beginning at 8:00pm.

Given that patio smoking is now illegal in the great province of Ontario it has necessitated a change of venue: We will be meeting in the middle of Trinity-Bellwoods Park, just a few blocks further West on Queen St. than our previous locale. To those of you who are not familiar with this area the choice of venue may sound a little strange. However, TB is a very large, very busy, and well-lit urban park – it will be so full of people that we won’t stand out in the slightest. The arrow in the map below points to the general location that we will be setting up our (metaphorical) tent: Once you find the giant crayons sticking in the ground you know you are in the right area; just look for the pipe smokers. (More specifically – the ones smoking pipe tobacco.) If we’re very lucky we may even be able to grab a nearby picnic table.

You are strongly encouraged to bring a lawn chair or two. (This is what I will be doing.) I will bring some snacks, but you are asked to provide your own refreshments. On that note: TB park has been renowned for its tolerance of casual imbibing in the park. However, in the last year there were general complaints so the police have shown an increased presence so please be discrete depending on your choice of beverage.

Spring is a temperamental season, and last year despite even sunny forecasts it seemed to rain before pretty much every planned smoker. If the forecast calls for rain or it’s too cold then I will reschedule the event. Please check this website and/or our Facebook page before you head out.



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